I am currently working on a sitcom pilot and series called Sucker Punch.


An independent successful woman is forced to make the biggest decision of her life by her biological clock, but who will she choose to help her?


Sucker Punch reached the long of the BBC Comedy Room, and has been considered for commission by Channel 4. 

It is currently in further development.

In development:

Sitcom - You to Us (working title)

Drama - End of the Line (working title)

Drama - One Moment (working title)




BBC Feedback for When I'm Ready:

There’s a breezy naturalism to the dialogue of ‘When I’m Ready’ which is attractive and engaging; and the friendship of Penny and Mim also brings warmth – particularly when we first see them sharing the shock of Christopher’s unwanted marriage proposal.  This is well drawn – to the extent that we might want to inhabit that pre-titles sequence for longer, and see how Penny’s refusal impacts on the 80th birthday party the family were enjoying.

After the Title Sequence the episode establishes a refreshing image of Penny and Mim making their own way in life – refusing to fit into the expectations of family or the tyranny of peer pressure (particularly when it comes to a certain smugness in being married and having babies).  It’s enjoyable to see neither character in abject need for a partner or ‘respectable’ coupledom.

The outer shaping of the episode is strong – beginning with a family event for an elder, and ending with a soon-to-be-family event for an unborn child.  It’s also neat and satisfying that Penny has to shout ‘My waters have broken’ as part of a game, when a partner and baby are exactly what she’s resisting.  So over all there is some good natural dialogue here, and a satisfying superstructure.




In development:

Radio Play - The Promise

Radio Monologue - Choices